Enjoy your vacation in Međimurje

Međimurje offers a handful of places to visit, and near our accommodation there are the largest spas with a wellness area in Međimurje, various natural beauties, fine restaurants and historical attractions.

Healthness resort

Terme Sveti Martin resort is the first healthness resort in Europe, located in northern Croatia. The resort is located in an oasis of peace in Međimurje region, where tradition, culture and history have lived in the region of nature for over a hundred years.

Wine cellars

Gornje Međimurje is known for its wine - there are a handful of quality wineries nearby. Feel free to book an appointment to try some of them, and our recommendation is Winery 'Cmrečnjak', Winery 'Štampar', Winery 'Kojter' and Wine House "Hažić".

Fine Restaurants

There are many fine restaurants in Međimurje, of which in our vicinity we single out Restaurant 'Potrti kotač' and Restaurant 'Terbotz'. Both restaurants are approx. 8 minutes by car. Eat locally, Međimurje is known for its excellent food, great wine and friendly people.

What our guests say

"The house is beautiful, the hosts kind, left us a bottle of wine and sweets. We're sorry we didn't stay longer."
"Thank you for the hospitality of the hosts. The villa is very beautiful, clean and fragrant. The reception was hit just right so we didn't leave a drop. I hope to see you again. Good luck!"
Morena and Marko
"Altough we spent there just one night on our way to the seashore, we had realised, that this place can offer you much more than one overnight. There are swimming baths and a golf-course just nearby and a beautiful nature too. The vila was very nice, comfortable and clean. The sauna and the hot tub were great. We received some welcome presents such as bottle of wine, sweets etc. Our stay was just delightful and it offers much more than a place for an overnight."
"We stayed at Villa Martina twice a month, which speaks volumes about our satisfaction with the reception and accommodation. The house is beautiful! A great deal of effort went into every detail to make the guest feel welcome and comfortable."
Jasna and Mario

Collect memories from Međimurje

In the body of Croatia, Međimurje is a heart that beats with the power of untamed rivers. It breathes the freshness of the ends of mountain slopes and playful forest canopies. It feeds on clean fields and gardens, strengthens in beehives. It is fed by the divine saw of its vineyards, regenerating in the thermal waters that come to the surface of the earth from its deepest veins. It is a Croatian flower garden of undisturbed beauty, natural balance and cultivated community. A place of intimacy with heritage and recognition of modernity, a lively haven of traditional continental cuisine skillfully imbued with trendy charm.

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